Thinking of Buying a home?

Thinking of buying a home?

Here are a few quick tips on what to do to get ready….

Check your credit, it takes about a 650 score or better to be approved with most lenders

Pay off the things you can to clean and tighten up your debt to income ratio

Find your tax returns for the last 2 years and have them ready to provide to the lender

Prepare a list of all revolving debt including current balance, monthly payment, and loan numbers you’ll need this for your formal loan application

Talk to a lender before talking with a Realtor, as straightforward as it may sound, there’s no sense in looking at or for homes until you know what you can qualify for and more importantly what price range to stay under to give you a monthly payment you’re comfortable with

Make a list of the things you must have in a home and the things you’d like to have

Drive by the different areas and decide which locations meet your approval

Get with a Realtor to ensure you have access to all homes that are currently for sale

Get ready to hit the pavement!

Once you find the right home your Realtor will advise you along the way regarding all the steps that will need to take place to get you successfully from contract to closing.

Don’t buy anything new that will create new debt while you’re thinking of buying a home J

Surely you realize the importance of having your own agent to represent you with one of the largest single investments you’ll ever make, right?  I mean you don’t want to go this alone even if you’ve done it a time or two before.  I mean why wouldn’t you want a professional that does this day in and day out to be on your side and make sure you’re taken care of?

We believe our team work makes your dream work and would love to support you in finding just the right place to call home if you’re thinking of buying, give us a call at 540-725-7727 or email us at if we can help

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