Interesting Stuff on Home Buyers and Sellers from 2017

NAR 2017 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers:

A Snapshot

Home Buyers

• 34% of recent home buyers
were first time buyers.

• 41% of first time buyers have
student debt.

• 65% were married couples,

18% single females, 7%

single males and 8%
unmarried couples.

• The typical buyer was 45
years old.

• 88% of buyers purchased
their home through a real
estate agent.

• 42% of buyers paid the list
price or higher.

• The median purchase price
was $235,000.

Source: National Association of

Home Sellers

• The typical seller was 55
years old and lived in their
home for 10 years.

• 89% of sellers used a real
estate agent to sell their

• Sellers sold their homes for a
median of $47,500 more than
they purchased.

• Homes were on the market for
an all-time low of 3 weeks.

• The median distance between
the home purchased and the
home sold was 18 miles.

• 52% traded up to a larger

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