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When is a good time to formally put your home on the market to get the most action?

I always say the sooner in the year the better, as a seller.  The closer we get to the spring season the more inventory, thus more competition for sellers.

This year even more than recent years, the market has been crazy busy!  It didn’t slow down for the holiday season, the New Year, or the frigid temps.

We are low on inventory so it’s a great time to come on the market now.

What can a seller do to best prepare their home for showing

Photos and curb appeal are more important now than ever before because most buyers are shopping online and then driving by to determine if they like the outside and location in most cases before ever getting with their agent on the homes they actually want to tour.

A few quick bullet points we always like to mention to our sellers when listing:

•       If it needs to be painted, paint!  Paint makes a world of difference inside and out when it needs it.

•       Remove front window screens, clean the windows really good and watch it glisten!  This makes a big difference.

•       If you are able to paint your front door a fresh, catchy color this is a new trend that seems to really set a house apart from all the others

•       Clean, organize and declutter throughout.  The idea is to make your home feel as light, bright, spacious, and as tidy as possible.

•       Replace all light bulbs in light fixtures, lamps, ceiling fans, etc., super frustrating when showing a home and a buyer reaches to turn a light on that doesn’t work.  This is simple and so many sellers fail to do it.

•       Replace your air filters throughout and clean, paint, or replace the cover as needed

•       Remove important, personal, expensive jewelry etc from your home allow a family member to keep or purchase a safety deposit box.  While it rarely happens you must accept you’re opening your home to the public and need to take necessary steps to protect your belongings.

•       Be flexible with showings and make it easy for buyers and agents to see

•       Fix anything that needs to be fixed.  As a seller you must disclose if everything is not safe, operating, structurally sound, free and clear of any hazardous materials, infestation, etc.  The inspection process can be a very stressful and overwhelming for sellers and it will go much smoother if you ensure everything is in good shape beforehand.  Any work done once under contract must be done by licensed contractors so it also becomes more expensive.

•       And last, I always tell our sellers to walk around and through the home through the eyes of a buyer.  If you were looking to buy, what would you think of your home?  Adjust, fix, repair, paint, etc as necessary.

What are the biggest factors in what causes a home to sell

After 27 years of helping buyers and sellers I could come up with a laundry list but honestly, in the end, it boils down to 3 things:

Price, Condition, and Location. You have control over 2 so make sure you do your very best ☺

How should a seller go about choosing the right price

You know that’s the million dollar question!  What’s the right price to list at.  And it’s also one that there’s no magic answer for.  You could likely line 10 agents up alongside 10 appraisers and potentially get 20 different opinions on what the right price is.  In the end, it’s what the buyer is willing to pay and what the seller is willing to sell for.

The only way to determine price is by numbers, I always say numbers never lie.

There are several parties a seller must convince of the right price and sometimes more

First the buyer, sometimes their family members (parents, grandparents, Realtor friends from out of town, etc)

Second is the buyer’s agent

And last and most importantly is the appraiser

There’s way more to choosing just the right price than an agent coming in the door and telling a seller what they want to hear so they get to take the listing.

The key is looking at what other homes you’ll be in competition with and what’s recently sold and coming on the market within a range of value that other similar homes are selling for.  It’s always best to price it right from the beginning than to come on high and sit on the market.  This actually helps other sellers sell their homes vs getting your own home sold.

How should a seller go about choosing the right Realtor to list with?

Well, you could simply list with our team and be in great hands ☺ no, just kidding!

I would say to interview a couple different agents and companies before listing to see who you feel most comfortable with, get a couple of opinions on pricing, and see what their track record is for getting homes sold.  Anyone can list a home but getting a home sold is another story.

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