What’s Up in Roanoke, Virginia?

Here’s some exciting news I just saw from our local Board of Realtors

Roanoke County Studies Oak Grove and Hollins Areas
Roanoke County is beginning two new planning studies focused on commercial corridors in the Hollins and Oak Grove areas. Much like the 419 Town Center project, the purpose of these studies is to reimagine what the areas might look like in the future — including strategies to improve access to parks, shops, restaurants and amenities, as well as to enhance business development opportunities.

The Oak Grove Center Study covers 173 acres and more than 80 commercial and residential properties. The Hollins Center Study will focus on plans for a connected, mixed-use center in the heart of the Hollins community, comprised of 465 acres and more than 270 commercial and residential properties.

Click here for more information, including online surveys and dates for community meetings. (Posted 2/3/2018.)

Additionally, I read about another new restaurant coming near Earth Fare on Franklin Road.

Even more good news about our local economy from my broker last week:

Virginia legislature authorized $80,000,000 project to double the size of Tech’s Medical School in Roanoke and expand their research institute.  Building is going on now for a new building off Reserve Ave.  Carilion says 1000 more medical students, doctors and researchers should be living in Roanoke within 3 years.  The research institute connected with the medical school will concentrate on brain research.  All good jobs.
In addition, Carilion will be building a 15 story addition to Roanoke Memorial where old Crystal Springs tennis courts are now.
 Combine that with new Deschutes and Ballast distilleries, the new car part manufacturing facility in Botetourt and Virginia Community College System’s new facility in Daleville, it has been good news on the job front lately.
With this being said I expect the housing market in Roanoke Virginia to continue consistent and hopefully even continue on an upward trend.
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