Fall Season, The Time to Buy and Sell or Not?

Recently, I’ve gotten this question quite a bit; “Is now the time to buy or sell, or should I wait until after the holidays and winter season?”

This is a great question and here are some quick thoughts I wanted to share.

If you’re thinking of selling, now is a great time and here are some of the reasons:

  • There will be fewer homes on the market which means less competition for you
  • There will be more serious buyers looking this time of year because the “shoppers” fall off
  • There will be folks looking to buy who want to close before the holidays and before the end of the year for tax purposes
  • After the first of the year brings tax refunds, bonuses,¬† and job transfers in many cases
  • The spring market brings lots of inventory because everyone tends to think it’s the perfect time to sell which can drive prices down

If you’re thinking about buying, now is a great time and here are some of the reasons:

  • Interest rates are on the rise, logically it makes sense to buy while money is cheaper, right?
  • You can buy now and take advantage of any tax benefits available for doing so before the end of the year
  • There is still plenty of inventory and if you look closely at homes that have been on the market for a bit vs the brand new listings, you may find a nice buy!
  • Listing prices are still favorable

If you’re thinking of buying or selling we would love to help you get succesfully from one door to the next.¬† Give us a call at 540-725-7727, text us at 540-312-0085, or email us at christy@thecrouchteam.com



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