Fall Selling Tips

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market or already have it listed for sale here are a few quick tips to help ensure a sale:

First things first, make sure you price it right.  You’re either helping your competition sell by being overpriced, or you’re getting your own home sold by being priced competitively.  The more aggressive you price the home the less negotiating and haggling you’ll have to do.

First impressions are key.  Make sure your curb appeal is crisp, clean, inviting, and now is a great time to enhance curb appeal even more with some tasteful holiday decoration.  Pinterest is a great place to search for front porch/front door decorating ideas.  Some quick things you can do to ensure great curb appeal are the obvious including a fresh layer of mulch, nicely mowed grass, place some flower pots with blooming flowers, power wash, paint, seal as needed.  Remove screens from front windows and clean them.

High quality professional photographs are a must!  Studies continue to reveal that most homebuyers are shopping online more than any other source making photographs of your home a huge part of the selling process.  Make sure you have your home photo ready when they are taken.

When it’s time to show make sure you tidy up and give a wow factor of some kind.  Turn lights on, make beds, dishes & laundry up, trash cans empty, toilets clean, showers clean, toys up, open the blinds, and yes bake some cookies, burn a candle and play some soft music.  Give buyers a reason to want to stay and look for a bit.

Sit back and let your listing agent do their job which is to market, advertise, and get your home exposed to all the buyers in the marketplace. Sometimes the sale happens quickly and sometimes it takes more time than anyone would like.  There is no magic pill for getting a home sold.  In the end, it boils down to price, condition, location, and timing of the right buyer coming along.  No matter who your listing agent is, rest assured they want to get it sold because they don’t get paid unless and until it sells as well.  It really doesn’t do them any justice not to do everything they can to get it sold for you.

Trust the process and happy selling!

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